Our Values

In line with our brand values of unique creativity, timeless and contemporary luxury, handcrafted in Italy. We are proud of our commitment to social, employee and environmental responsibility, using our creativity and innovation to address challenges and contribute to change. 


Our commitment to the environment and to investing in sustainable business practices involves seeking to minimise energy usage wherever possible, which contributes to the reduction of our total carbon footprint. We have a stated aim, as we grow, to measure our carbon footprint and to be carbon neutral in the next three years by 2025.

We are constantly looking at ways to minimise our packaging while still protecting our products. Our outer packaging used for shipping is 100% recycled cardboard material.

We use soy ink for printing boxes and bags which is more environmentally friendly than traditional inks, making it easier to recycle the pap.

In May 2019 we opened our own warehouse in London to improve customer response times and to improve the customer experience, reducing wastage.

Our bags are designed to last a lifetime, and we have a warranty that covers all manufacturing faults for the first twelve months. Storing and caring for your product will mean it will last and get better with age.



We have signed up to the UPS Carbon Neutral package, which means that 100% of our shipping is carbon neutral, this was an important first step, given we ship globally.

meli melo strips

Supply chain and materials

We ensure that we know where our Italian leathers and materials come from, and that the source is environmentally and socially responsible. We work with the best Italian tannery who is accredited and audited against the Leather Working Group environmental auditing protocol and is certified by ICER for environmental management systems and is ISO 14001:2004 compliant. We select only the best parts of the cow hides, and they are not printed so the end result is second to none in terms of quality. We ensure that great precision goes into the cutting process to minimise wastage.

We work collaboratively with our partners to make sure that work environments, health and safety are a top priority. We visit our suppliers to inspect their facilities and they sign contracts to prevent such unethical things as child labour or trafficking.



ups certificateiso14001 

leather working group 


We have strategically chosen two charities that are close to our hearts and values as founders. We have been supporting these charities since their inception and our aim is to continue to support these charities as they continue to grow. We do support other charities and auctions which we feel we have a strong emotional connection to on an ad-hoc basis

walkabout foundation

The Walkabout Foundation was established in 2009 by siblings Luis and Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster. The not-for-profit is funding research for a cure for paralysis and donating customised wheelchairs to people in need around the world, with over 10,000 delivered thus far. meli melo has been supporting The Walkabout Foundation since its launch.

Read more at https://uk.walkaboutfoundation.org/


walkabout foudndation
aeolian islands preservation fund

The Aeolian Island Preservation Fund is a fund set up in 2016 to protect the waters in and in the Mediterranean where our Founder was born and raised. The charity had its first big win in 2017 with the banning of large scale industrial fishing around the islands, and now the fund is trying to reduce the consumption and wastage of plastics for example banning the use of plastic straws which cause so much damage to the fish and surrounding coral reefs.

Read more at http://www.aeolianpreservationfund.org/


Careers and equal opportunities

We are committed to a policy of equal opportunities. We aim to attract the best talent and engage our employees by providing opportunities to succeed personally and professionally in a supportive, positive, and diverse working environment. Every contribution makes an impression that is part of something growing and unique.