Meli Melo Story

meli melo’s unique DNA brings together Luxury Italian Design and raw London Cool, creating contemporary, understated elegance, with timeless designs and unique shapes

wicker basksets

Our Heritage

Raised on the volcanic isle of Lipari, Sicily, founder Melissa Del Bono created meli melo with influence from her rich Italian and English origins, as well as her everyday muses.

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Meet Melissa

Born into a fiercely entrepreneurial family, Melissa always knew that she wanted to start something creative of her own. In 2005, having never attended design school, she interpreted the inverted handles of her childhood wicker basket and created the first ever meli melo handbag.

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brand philosophy

Brand Philosophy

meli melo’s unique DNA brings together luxury Italian design and raw London cool. Exuding understated and contemporary elegance through timeless designs and unique shapes, designed for longevity.


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Melissa Del Bono

Design Ethos

“To create timeless, effortless bags that women can wear every day”
— Melissa Del Bono, Founder and Creative Director —

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Kate Bosworth

Worn by Celebrities

meli melo's distinctively stylish yet undemanding aesthetic has garnered a strong celebrity following. Discover our favourite bags as styled by celebrities

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signature handbag

Our Collections

From our signature handbag, the Thela to our collaboration for the Severine with Olivia Palermo and the Art bag with Federica Fanari, discover the perfect signature style for you.

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coast line

Our Values

In line with our brand values of unique creativity, timeless and contemporary luxury, handcrafted in Italy. We are proud of our commitment to social, employee and environmental responsibility, using our creativity and innovation to address challenges and contribute to change

Our Values
leather cutting


Our passion for quality design ensures the most exceptional craftsmanship goes into every collection. We source the finest Italian leather producers and high-end tanneries to provide the most vibrant of colours and suitable textures for the collections.