Brand Philosophy

cliff side

Timeless Italian craftsmanship meets contemporary London cool.

Created for the perpetual traveller, the woman living between two worlds, always dreaming of being elsewhere. Equally at home in the middle of the bustling London street or the serene shore of an Italian island, our designs are as endlessly versatile as the constantly shifting and unfolding personality of the modern woman. Admired for individuality and confidence, the meli melo woman has both substance and style and specific designs and collaborations stand as a tribute to female empowerment.

meli melo’s unique DNA brings together luxury Italian design and raw London cool. Exuding understated and contemporary elegance through timeless designs and unique shapes, designed for longevity.

poolside branding
meli melo bag
poolside meli melo bag

Every girl living in the city yearns for the simplicity of life on the beach, yet when on the beach, misses the bustle of city life. I wanted to design something equally versatile for both elements of life.
Melissa Del Bono, Founder