Our passion for quality design ensures the most exceptional craftsmanship goes into every collection. We source the finest Italian leather producers and high-end tanneries to provide the most vibrant of colours and suitable textures for the collections.


We use natural, unprinted leather hides, either natural grain or nappa leather and the metal for our hardware is zamak.


We ensure we know where our Italian leathers and materials come from, and that the source is environmentally and socially responsible.  

leather cutting

Our bags are brought to life by a single, family-run factory based in Florence, Italy. Having every piece ‘Made in Italy’ by artisans is an essential aspect which we deeply believe elevates the pieces to a level of incomparable luxury design.



machinery work
machinery work



Each prototype and the final design is hand-finished with perfect stitching with a single bag taking up to 3 hours to create, then carefully checked, tested and approved before arriving in our stores or being packaged in our beautiful boxes to be delivered to you. We believe in the long-lasting quality and value of our bags, which is why we guarantee them for one year to ensure your full confidence in your purchase.



material rolls