Art Week

It’s time to put the camera’s down, Fashion Week is over! The endless scrolling of extreme street style on social has come to an end... (by ‘end’ we mean, back to our standard 8 hours of Instagram per day! 😉)

There’s nothing as satisfying as seeing the models go from extreme glitz at Isabel Marant to walking down the runway in leggings at the Chanel show – well done Karl!

When one creative event finishes, there’s always another one to jump straight into - in London, that means Frieze Festival! We’re so excited it’s that time of the year again and even go as far as to say it’s one of our favourites! (shock!). So why do we love Frieze so much? Well, not only is it one of the most inspiring fairs around but it’s also one of the most vibrant and cultural events to hit London’s already diverse art scene. With a range of emerging artists to iconic names the fair is one of the only around that solely focus’ on contemporary art and living artists!

For us, it is also the prime event to showcase our Art Bags. See our gallery here.

Like us, if you are passionate about the world of art - living, breathing and embracing art and culture - Then you will want to create a message that the world can see, right?
Personalise one of your own Art Bags and wear your mantra everywhere you go!

Want to try something that we have come up with? Have a look at our range of specially designed bespoke Bags.

Whatever message you have to share, enjoy the experience of wearing a bag you can truly relate to!

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