The Classics: We introduce you to Thela

There’s nothing like a good throw back on a Thursday.

A memory of being on holiday? That “one glass of wine” you had with your best friend on a Tuesday? Or maybe just a time you spent eating good food, with a good people. Luckily for us, our throw-back memories all have one thing in common...

It seems to us that Thela is a shape which has the ability to stick with us through everything! The bag itself is versatile and chic, fitting your mood effortlessly. When a shape is defined as ‘a classic’ within the world of Fashion, you know it’s good.

Thela is our best selling style and continues to stand the test of time. Worn by the A-list to the girl next door, Thela can take place of your go-to bag and we love her!

Inspired by the original shape of traditional Italian-made wicker baskets, the inverted handles and relaxed shape keep Thela the bag of the (every!) season.

Let us help to encourage your self-expression.

Wear it 5 ways, wear it your way.


At the Market

Heading Out

Lunch Cafe Style

Night out drinks

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