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When I was given my first ever wicker basket, as a young girl in Lipari, it was so beautiful and significant; I kept all of my treasures inside. Ever since then, I have always been that person who carries around everything in their handbag.

Although I’m forever changing my meli melo to suit my mood and my clothes, there are a few things that you’ll continuously discover within. Things that help me be a better designer, things that help me feel good about myself and things that make working on the go just that little bit easier.

Most of the time, I don’t carry a makeup bag and tend to just throw beauty products in as I need them. However, you can usually come across mascara and three or four different Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks lingering in the bottom of my bag. I like to know that, when I’m on the move, I can transform a casual look into a more sophisticated one with just a few sweeps of colour.

At any given moment, you can be certain to find a notebook and a Mont Blanc pen in my meli melo. As well as capturing creative imagery and visions on my iPhone, I note a lot of my ideas in my leather jotter. There’s something about writing my inspirations down that clarifies my thoughts.

There’s always some form of chocolate in my handbag, ready for when I get stuck in London’s traffic or I stay in meetings longer than expected. Dark chocolate is my firm favourite; I love its rich taste and it satisfies my sweet tooth perfectly.

Regardless of the season, I carry Le Specs sunglasses around with me every day. Although I don’t always need them in London, I’m an island girl and never leave the house without a pair. At the moment, I’m toting ones with black tinted lenses; they’re idyllic transitional accessories.

I find that there’s no better way to freshen up than with a spray of your signature scent, so I constantly have mine in my bag. My favourite perfume is Do Son by diptyque; its fresh aroma reminds me of Lipari’s delicate nature and I love the subtle blend of berries and flowers.

My Coin Purse keeps my loose change and trinkets safe in my smaller bags, however, when I’m carrying my larger totes, I rely on my Halo Wallet. As well as showcasing a stylish yet understated design, it has ample room for my money, cards and, of course, all of my receipts.


 You’ll often discover pictures of Lipari in my handbag, as well as photographs of my friends and family. I love to keep mementos with me; especially snapshots of my most cherished memories and little reminders of my inspiration for meli melo.

 Show me what’s in your meli melo on Instagram with the hashtag #mymelimelo or upload your picture directly to our Social Gallery.

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