Sienna Miller

English Actress and Designer Sienna Miller became famous not only for her acting skills but also for her fashionable, unique bohemian style.

Sienna is known for her boho chic look, making fashion seem effortless and cool with feminine dresses with leather boots, graphic prints and high fashion body conscious looks. Sienna always knows how to balance her outfit with the right accessories, especially when it comes to her choice of meli melo bags.

Sienna was spotted wearing her meli melo bespoke “Bon Bon Bag” in black suede, personalised with her initial” S” bespoked in silver on, on several occassions. She wore her Bespoke Bon Bon to a number of launch parties, events and hanging out in the day time.

Sienna demonstrated how versatile the Bon Bon Bag is, perfect for floaty summer dresses and equally suited to glamorous evening events


Only the meli melo customized Bespoke Bon Bon could match the uniqueness of her style and become the perfect accessory to complete her distinctive look for which she is so well known.

The fringes of our Bespoke Bag add a hint of stylish sophistication to any look you are going for.

Sienna Miller can definitely be considered a fashionista always dressed for success. She has repeatedly graced magazine covers such as Vogue, blogs and websites documenting her daily looks.


No matter what you are wearing, meli melo Bespoke Bon Bon will do the talking. Why not customize your bag, by pick your bespoke initial, choose between Gold or Silver accessories or even better pick an initial of someone you love and let the Bon Bon bag do the talking! 


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Sienna Miller and her favourite bag


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