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The Power of Purple

Historically only worn by an elite few, purple is the colour for everyone this season. For centuries purple was the colour of royalty, authority and wealth because of its rarity. Now, hazes of purple are ruling the r...


Breast Cancer Awareness: Exclusive Giveaway

In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month, meli melo is running three exclusive giveaways.   In addition to the #melimeloBCA competition, part of the proceeds from every pink item sold will be donated to a cancer ch...


Jellyfish: A Never-Ending Fascination

Live a life less ordinary with our Jellyfish handbags, new for meli melo Autumn Winter 2016 collection Lost in the Current.  A symbol of ancient wisdom, the jellyfish is an acceptance of the cosmic fate that spu...


Pick Pink: The Colour You Must Wear Now

Think pink is too girly for you? Think again.  A clear favourite this fashion month, pink is everywhere, in all different guises. The colour has dominated street style through everything from suits and skirts to sli...


Melissa: Our Creative Director and her London Influence

Exuding a true feel of London cool, Melissa’s creations interpret the unique qualities of the city’s characters as well as the sleek lines of its evolving skyline. ‘My mother painted London as a place of infinite p...


Vogue 100: Happy Birthday Vogue!

Today, British Vogue is celebrating 100 years since its first issue. Arguably the world’s most influential fashion magazine, British Vogue has challenged ideals and pushed boundaries for women since it first hit the ...

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