The contemporary meli melo bucket bag

Embellished with statement charms reminiscent of the architectural earring trend, mixing fashion with interior design. The signature meli melo bucket shape is met with a contemporary zip closure and top handle for a structured design

The knot feature adds to the original design and holds the tubular strap that can be tucked in for a classic look or worn cross-body

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Special Edition
The sell out Severine Olivia Palermo x meli melo collaboration is back

Olivia Palermo


meli melo


For a limited time, the sell-out Severine is back in stock

Severine bag in pink


Necklaces and Charms

The Severine charms' architectural design is inspired by the late architect and artist Max Bill, whose sculptural works for a starting point in developing the organic and continuous shape

The Severine was inspired by the works of Max Bill, so there is something very architectural about it. I have always been fascinated by the way in which what we wear can reflect elements of the world around us, and this is what the Severine is trying to represent. Now we are so excited to launch a new range of Severine necklaces, and take the concept to the next level
Melissa Del Bono
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Made in Italy

Impeccable Artisan Italian


The meticulous detail of a meli melo Severine bag is like no other

Our expert craftsmen in Italy spend an average of 135 minutes developing each bag, which consists of up to 28 different components including the leather, its lining and metal hardware

Advanced quality control methods then ensure a Severine's utmost excellence before it reaches the hands of its owner

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