The Art Bag was created by Melissa Del Bono and Federica Fanari. Melissa, creative director of meli melo and Federica, art collector, share a passion for the world of contemporary art which inspired the art bag collaboration

Pairing Melissa's modern and contemporary handbag designs with Federica’s inspiration by female artists, Olivia Steele and Rebecca Ward to create the ultimate statement bag

Olivia Steele harnesses the power of neon to assert symbolic phrasing that allures and provokes. Rebecca Ward’s varied practice surrounds the iconography of feminine gesture, contemporary Americana culture and craft

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Influenced by Minimalism, Abstract Art and Arte Povera:my varied practive surrounds the iconography of feminine gesture, contemporary Americana culture and craft
Rebecca Ward

The art bag has seen a shift to graphics and a complete redesign, creating a bold statement piece in the meli melo AW18 PRE collection. Inspired by the contemporary art world, the design continues to evolve and it has been reenvisaged with statement graphic design from Berlin based artist Olivia Steele.


The art bag continues to revolutionise the way that women wear art. The collaboration features a strong graphic motif paired with monochromatic design to create a powerful contemporary statement that complements the modern woman.
Olivia Steele has become world renowned for harnessing the power of neon to inspire with symbolic phrasing. The primary aim of her work is to create stunning and powerful installations to inspire and stimulate conversation among viewers.

I love where this is going ... these new editions are amazing! It’s a perfect succession and evolution. The words are so me. I love that they are so evocative and universal. I think it’s something every woman - and man - can relate to. It’s a true conversation piece, and makes people smile. I hope people enjoy them as much as I enjoyed collaborating on them!
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