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Melissa Del Bono

Halo Royal Blue is the ultimate Luxury Gift for me…

The colour is amazing with neutrals and darks as it just gives that ‘pop’ that your outfit needs.
It’s so intense, it almost glows which I  love…The Halo bag is a different take on my signature Thela.

It is just as elegant and easy to wear, but it has even more of a Luxe look to it due to the extra work on the features around the flap and the tongue of the bag. The rounded handles also give it a really smart feel. I have two young children and the large halo is perfect  for carrying all of their and your necessities…without looking like a typical carry bag!
I see this bag as an investment to carry happily through the winter months but also in spring …The colour is seasonless.

It has something a bit different that would make me want to show it off!

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