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Great attention to detail is given to the design of the handbags.
Melissa likes to add specific cultural detailing to her handbags

Melissa Del Bono established meli melo in April 2005 as a UK Limited Company headquartered in London. Meli melo is a British handbag label, with Italian heritage.

Meli melo is a British handbag label, with Italian heritage.

Meli melo from the outset has developed a strong value proposition around a carefully controlled marketing and distribution strategy, which has built a loyal following giving the brand cache and international acclaim.Today meli melo designs, develops and produces luxury leather handbags for premium retailers and customers worldwide. The values of the brand are to create versatile, desirable, stylish yet subtle handbags, which are led by design. Luxury leather and the distinct shapes of meli melo allow the bags to do the talking. Sculptural yet understated, meli melo bags blend day and evening for confidence and focus. The foundations to the meli melo label are based on the philosophy of creating a collection of accessories that are sophisticated, chic yet practical.

The collection is made up of ten unique models, each serving an individual purpose ranging from everyday life through to evening chic – the first ever bag, the “B.B. Bag” featured a set of unique patented inverted handles, which sought to revolutionize the concept of how to carry your bag forever more. The B.B Bag evolved in ten years to become the infamous Thela Bag, which has now become a worldwide phenomenon. The Thela Bag is the most popular bag to date, worn on several occasions by style icon Olivia Palermo. It’s sleek trapeze shape and inverted handles offer the market something original and effortless for everyday, making the wearer feel special.

Olivia Palermo is not the only one who has been seen holding meli melo bags. The list of celebrities who love meli melo is extensive; from Kate Middleton, Sienna Miller, Penelope Cruz, Margherita Missoni, Poppy Delavigne, Kate Moss, Nicole Ritchie to Danni Minogue, they have all been seen wearing meli melo, some of whom are featured in our celebrity section others can be seen in the press area.

Meli melo naturally appeals to a number of different demographic groups. The versatility and variety of its collections allow customers to have several options to choose from according to their fashion mood or need. The wide assortment of styles and colour range will make it difficult to choose a single piece- you will be spoilt for choice.

The company continues to evolve, and now meli melo is entering into a more mature stage, taking the current collection to new heights, experimenting with different materials and designs with plans to branch further afield into accessories over time and outside the fashion world.

Keep your eyes open for each season’s collection as they fully embody the brands ideology and style.

Melissa Del Bono

Handbag designer Melissa Del Bono could be described as somewhat of a bag devotee. Since she can remember she has always been an avid fan of the versatile accessory.

Recalling her time living in the beautiful Aeolian Islands, Melissa describes her love affair with the bag that began the obsession, ‘it was a huge wicker basket and I took it everywhere! We were inseparable! I would find any excuse to take it out with me. I just wanted something pretty to carry on my arm like the ladies in the villages would do.’

A passion for vintage pieces means that Melissa is continually looking backwards for her inspiration, ‘the past is a great source of inspiration for me. Take the wicker basket bags for example in the past they were used as feeding bowls for horses to eat from while they were on the move.’

This among others is a prime example of how Melissa has ceased the beauty in the functional objects and transformed them through her talent into beautiful fashionable pieces.

Her best selling design, the Thela, is influenced by how a women carries her bag. ‘I wanted to design a bag for the women that is not only practical and stylish but makes the wearer look and feel elegant by the way in which they carry it.’ The loop handles that are meant to be worn along the arm are the perfect feature for girls on the go.


Melissa Del Bono begins her creative process about nine months prior to the debut of the new collection. Her designs are the result of her love and interest for travel, culture and her fashion forward ideas. Melissa begins to draw her collection during her travels or in her showroom and pairs together the softest Italian leathers to bring them to life. Melissa spends an inordinate amount of time researching ideas and themes to create the ultimate accessories collection, on a cycle of once every six months. The collections are either Spring / Summer or Autumn / Winter. The design process requires determination to see an initial idea blossom, from just a sketched drawing into a fully-fledged prototype, which is right for the meli melo customer. Sketches are formalized on the computer using Computer Aided Design Technology and sent to the Spanish manufacturer and designs are then realized in the form of the first sample.

Great attention to detail is given to the design of the handbags. Melissa likes to add specific cultural detailing to her handbags, drawing from travel inspirations, quirky additions ensure each bag has character, culture, heritage and uniqueness. The “Buenos Aires” collection was born from a trip of Melissa’s to Argentina, where the hot polo players, wild horses and polo culture became the source of her inspiration. Current designs carry clever features such as patented inverted handles, allowing the customer to hold the bag comfortably along the forearm, demonstrating effortless chic, supported by versatile design shapes and carefully selected leather materials, allowing the customer to feel luxurious with their bag, rather than carried by their bag.

The company goes to great lengths, to continuously source the best Italian leather and high-end tanneries in search of the best vibrant colours, suitable textures and soft tones of leather, as it will determine the whole look of the whole final collection, it is the leather that speaks a lot to the bag and not the flashy label. Once the leathers have been chosen, the manufacturing process can begin. Meli melo strongly believes in using only the highest quality materials, as Melissa experimented with environmentally friendly non leather products on occasion. In 2008, meli melo designed a “Green Bon Bon Bag”, which was manufactured out of ecological man made material plastic, retaining the fine detail of leather.

The first prototypes from the manufacturer need Melissa’s approval and she continuously innovates and improves them to her high standards of perfection. The samples are constantly edited and improved upon and once they are finally confirmed, production commences. The artisans craft the bags with love and attention and begin to make the orders of our loyal customers as well as our meli melo boutiques.

Your meli melo designs are brought to life by hand to the highest quality finish, cutting only the best part of the leather skins, and carefully stitching each bag to withstand the daily rigors of its fashion life. Bags are checked and tested, before being carefully packed away and folded for shipment. Meli melo’s factory is now in its second generation; the father has passed the skills of leather artisans onto his son, who now after years of training is well placed to manufacture your timeless and coveted meli melo accessory.

meli melo strongly believes in using only the highest quality materials

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