meli melo is a combination of designer Melissa Del Bono’s rich Italian, and patriotic English Heritage, paired with the inspiration from her daily life. Named after Melissa herself, ‘Meli’ was the playful nickname given to her by friends and family whilst ‘meli melo’ means a mishmash of things. It seemed natural that the nickname evolved to become the name of Melissa’s brand.
It’s the mix of Melissa’s upbringing that gives meli melo its unique DNA of Luxury Italian Design and raw London Cool. launched in 2009 and has consistently grown in both the 
number of sales and visits it receives year on year. In 2015 we launched our 
first mobile shopping app with the App Store and Google play. Now 
customers can shop on the go from their iPhone or Android phone or on their 
We are looking into expanding a global reach to our key markets, including 
Asia, USA, Australia and South America. The strategy in place covers all our 
digital channels, segmented to fit the individual market itself. 
meli melo is keen on acquiring new customers but also passionate about 
retaining them. We are very focused on CRM and our customer lifecycle 
We are a data driven company with both technology and fashion. Data is 
important to us and so are our customers. Engagement is key
Note: meli melo does not use recruitment agencies during any stage of our resourcing process. We ask that you respect our way of working and do not call or e-mail us regarding any published or unpublished vacancies.

Our Flagship Store

Our Notting Hill flagship store offers an intimate encounter with the world of
meli melo. A sanctuary in the heart of London, it is also where Melissa lives and
finds a lot of her inspiration.
The store reflects our philosophy of understated elegance and is as stylish and
unique as the bags it houses. Each fixture and fitting has been carefully selected
to embody the mood of the brand, from the beautifully hand-crafted marble
shelves to the specially imported light fittings. Step inside and you will discover a
contemporary, unique and memorable shopping experience.

Our Stockists


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