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Let us introduce you to our first ever men’s collection.
Whether your shopping for yourself, or a partner this subtle and stylish collection draws inspiration from a tech-driven world. Watch as we redefine the wardrobe of today’s tech-savvy entrepreneurs.
We’ve kept this collection simple, with four core pieces that never lose functionality. Each item is embossed with a unique code, a way of defining each of our men’s products. This range will stand the test of time. Code is spoken only by those that understand and use it. It is a silent but powerful tool, that has established some of the most innovative business’ to date.
This collection stems from key pieces that fulfil a man’s everyday needs and wants.
To trace back to the origins of each piece, is our way of saluting those who can push forward. Taking the time to appreciate craftsmanship in a tech-world which is continually evolving.

The Collection:


The Briefcase:

The Briefcase is a fresh adaptation of a traditional style. Moulded from an iconic shape, we have enhanced the working gentlemen’s look, by using a rich palette of coloured leather and soft canvas straps.

The Backpack:

A combination of our signature Italian leather with Nylon, the backpack is versatile and has become a key staple for an everyday practicality.
The subtle luxury is in the details. Functional pockets, adjustable straps with silver metalwork and multi ways to hold and wear.



The Carry All:

A sharp new shape, that breaks away from tradition. Soft against the body, this bag is deceivingly practical, multi-functional and creates a subtle statement. Soft leather used for the trims and handles give this bag a premium finish, as well as making it perfectly durable for daily use on-the-go in the City.


The Card Holder:

Made in Italy and stamped with subtle branding, this is the perfect streamlined alternative to a traditional wallet. Fitting in back pockets or suit jackets, this compact card holder has 4 slots and a middle compartment.



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