It’s that time of year again...Fashion Week. There is nothing quite like walking the streets of London, wandering among Fashion’s elite (with your newly perfected pout) and feeling pretty dam fabulous!

For most designers the runway isn’t just about showing off their next season collections, but rather using the catwalk as a way of exploring an underlying message or theme. In the midst of the season, you’ll start to understand that the most interesting thing about fashion week is not always the fashion... Sitting in a room filled with social spectacles, drama and sass- what could be better?

With LFW fast approaching, we can’t wait to see a glimpse of what’s to come for 2019! What are your trend predictions?

Surviving the week itself, requires ultimate organisation and of course, effortless chic! We have a few things that will keep you on track to looking the part this Fashion Week...

A Playful Nancy

A seriously boxy statement,
the Art Bag


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