They say it’s not healthy to live in the past, however fashion is cyclic in nature and ‘what goes around comes around!’ When it comes to the 90s, there was something for everyone. Whether you were bouncing around in sky-high platform sneakers with thick rubber soles, pinning your hair with cute butterfly clips, rocking a matching twin set or wearing the tiniest backpack you could possibly find- Whatever your ‘thing’ we encourage you to bring it back and wear with pride!

Feeling nostalgic yet? Take a look at our 90’s gallery on Pinterest


Looking back, wearing bike shorts with knee high-boots and an oversized blazer, may have been considered bold and daring in the past. But it’s 2018- so let’s relive some of our favourite eras by reinventing and recreating those memorable fashion statements, just because we can!

90s cool is back in fashion and if you haven’t already, expect to see the return of Buffalo shoes and the resurgence of the bodycon. Embrace your inner Spice Girl and dress head-to toe in a whole lot of leopard print! Think ‘sports-luxe’ by adding one of our Briony Backpacks to the mix, to really spice up your life!

It’s not all just about the fashion though. The 90’s were responsible for producing some of our most beloved accessories and pastimes… Lounging around on a blow-up chair (watching Lizzy Mcguire, obviously) checking the time on your Baby G, having a cheeky swig of Sunny D, whilst goofing around with a Tamagotchi, was a daily (and incredibly important!) task.

Let’s just say the team at meli melo LOVE this trend and we’re glad it’s back!

So, why not complete your 90’s look with one of our drawstring Briony backpacks.

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