Hide Out Envy

During the Wettest June on record so far, I found myself at work sitting in the office staring outside the big french windows at London. To be more precise at Notting Hill, however I seemed to have been transported into the middle of a monsoon. The festival 'hideout' is quickly becoming 'THE' fest of the summer... live music, no mud, no rain and  Croatian beaches.... dreamy.

The fashion that floods the fields at festivals is one of my most favourite occurrences, sometimes I find myself sitting in my tent, always a nine o'clock start with a Strong bow in hand... (my brother insists that beer and cereal is a good mix) and I observe the outfits that appear from tents


However....despite the rain and the mud.... it can be argued that the weather we all find ourselves complaining about.... create the very atmosphere of the epic English Festival, Glastonbury attracting people from all over the Globe still remains to be the tickets people fight over. Celebrities such as Kate Bosworth, Alexa Chung and Pixie Lott all rock the shorts... rain or shine.

Time to invest in some wellies ladies!


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