Fashion Winning Wimbledon....

Wimbledon has always been an international sporting event, however after flicking through Vogue on my lunch break it would seem that the tennis phenomenon is also becoming a fashion and cultural hub. If you're not going to watch any of the games, you can experience the tennis action through your attireChino shorts and dropped hemlines paired with platform trainers transform your ordinary gym outfit into a winning London fashion week combination.  In 1971 Chris Evert wore a lace dress, arguably deserving of a Prada runway, a beautiful recreation of a traditional athletes tennis dress. This classic elegance was then interpreted by the beautiful Maria Sharapova when she appeared in a Nike invention, inspired by the tuxedo, flirting with the masculine stereotype of the suit she created a controversial and stylish edge to the traditional look.  When talking about fashion at Wimbledon, I think it is fair to say that I cannot ignore the flamboyant style of Bethanie Mattek, shocking and pleasing the eyes of everyone at Wimbledon with her ‘bubble jacket’, reflecting a statement that would have pleased the eyes of Alexander McQueen, she remains to be the one to watch at Wimbledon...


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