The Coloured Neutral: Mermaid Green

Few accessories continue to have the sartorial appeal of a Green Handbag. Often referred to as the 'coloured neutral' by stylists and fashion conscious women all over the world, it's such a versatile colour because it really does go well with just about any other colour. So, today we're going to unpick the merits of a well chosen, beautiful green handbag - specifically in an Emerald Green shade.

There are many shades of green in the spectrum, so some of you may argue that it won't match with every single colour. This is true, of course, just as there are many shades of red, blue, yellow and brown. However, let's assume that you are choosing a hue that is likely to match the majority of you r wardrobe. For us, there's little competition for an Emerald Green Handbag, for its rich mix of vibrancy and a perfect balance of green and blue tones. 

The wonderful thing about this colour is that it is so seasonless. The deep colour translates just as easily into a summertime wardrobe as it will with earthy wintry shades and berry tones. We love pairing our Halo Mermaid Tote Bags with delicate dusty pink shirts and summer dresses for a standout pop of colour. For us, it's not about being matchy matchy with your accessories, but instead creating a luxuriously effortless look where pieces are seemingly thrown together but actually go together incredibly well. Think contrasting and strategically clashing or making a statement against a neutral look. 

Keep the look fresh by adopting a more structured shape, such as the Halo Handbag in Mermaid Green, or a minimalist approach with the Sian Shopper and keeping other accessories subtle. Green bags are also great for matching with prints, such as a floral or an animal, so go ahead and mix with a busier outfit but keep the bag itself clean lined and elegant. Remember, its the colour that should be doing the talking.


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