Bag of the Week: The Satchel

The Satchel Bag and its contemporaries have been recognised as one of the founding style pillars of both the functional and fashionable accessory worlds for centuries. Yet in recent seasons, it has been hailed as the hero bag of choice for the business woman, book worm, and now the fashionista. We unstitch the gravitas behind the old Oxford classic and show you How To Wear A Satchel now.


The concept of the satchel has been recorded as far back as the Romans, who used a long shoulder strap bag worn across their bodies for long journeys. Over the year, satchels have taken on many names and guises, such as Cross-Body Bag, Messenger Bag, Saddle Bag and Carryall. Then, in the early 1900s, the satchel became synonymous with school children, as its capacious interior and secure buckle fastenings made it ideal for carrying books and documents. Where the style really developed and made the switch from functional carrier to geek chic must-have, was when it was adopted by the Oxford and Cambridge University students. Over the generations this bag continued to serve both a functional purpose, but as the moods and styles of the students who wore them changed and influenced their peers, so did the satchel. 

Today, the satchel has been reinterpreted in many different ways. Its straps, fastenings and front flap closures have been altered to experiment with materials and switched positions. Ultimately, it's the iconic wide, boxy body, long cross-body strap and flap fastening that give the satchel its distinctive style. The versatile nature of these boyishly beautiful bags makes them a go-to for both men and women, making them the perfect piece to tap into the androgynous trend. Yet, there are ways to keep this retro inspired Handbag looking feminine and contemporary. We recommend contrasting the more masculine features of the bags with feminine, delicate dresses, floral prints, lace and silk. For a more toughened, urban feel, team with biker style leather trousers, jackets and soft billowy shirts.

For Autumn / Winter 2015, Creative Director Melissa Del Bono has reworked the iconic satchel style by incorporating a sophisticated belted details at the front of both the Polly Satchel and the Clemence Cross-Body Bag. Replacing the traditional double buckle fastenings, this chic knotted buckle finish takes its inspiration from military style belting and belted jackets, such as trench coats. While the Polly Shoulder Bag follows the traditional shape and structure of the archetypical satchel - crafted from the softest Italian Leather, the Clemence Shoulder Bag takes on more a Saddle Bag silhouette with its expandable corners. We recommend tucking in the corners of to create that coveted crescent shape.




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