Thela's and Tails

All of our pets are icons in their own rights, their personalities, endless love and knowing glances make them totally unique and irreplaceable. Creative Director and In meli melo’s Thela’s and Tails, our favourite pooches share their ‘tales’ modelling meli melo’s new Leather Dog Collars and Leads.  

Hopi the Maltese lives with her 2 (human) brothers in Notting Hill.
Every morning she takes bike ride with her owner to work or wherever her day may take her. She sits in her own seat at the back.

Hopi loves tummy tickles, cuddles and generally being loved. She is not a fan of being brushed but puts up with it to look her best! She is 14 years old but her petite size and ability to ‘Hop’ high in the air mean she as puppy like as ever.

Hopi wears the meli melo Leather Dog Collar & Lead both in Italian Leather Lilac. 

She poses in the Thela Bag Purple & Taupe.


Boo Boo the Cockapoo is his owners first ever dog and they bonded instantly. 3 years old, this was also his first ever photo shoot. He made sure we got his best side in all images.

Boo Boo prefers stealing the cat's food rather than eating his own and has a penchant for stealing socks…Find him interrupting football matches in the park or sunbathing in the garden at home.


Boo Boo wears the meli melo Leather Dog Collar in Cheetah Print Calf-hair and Tan Leather.

He poses with the meli melo Lead in Cheetah & Thela Cheetah

Mabel is only 18 months old. She lives with her owner in Shoreditch and loves checking out the latest art and cafes the area has to offer! She’s super chilled – Nothing fazes Mabel.

Mabel’s a sucker for a gourmet dog treat and is a real girls girl. Not shy of taking a siesta at lunchtime, she needs her beauty sleep but knows how to turn on her charm when necessary!

Mabel wears the meli melo Leather Dog Collar and Lead both in Lilac. She poses in the Thela Medium Lilac Handbag.

Dinny and Dodger the Jack Russels are brothers and partners in crime. Nothings gets passed these two…They’re like doggy 007…They live in Notting Hill and have serious street cred.

Having grown up together, this pair cannot stand to be apart. They optimize a man's best friend and are fiercely loyal. Hen at home, Dinny and Dodger love playing in the garden and watching TV by the fire to relax.

Dinny & Dodger wear the meli melo Leather Dog Collar Royal Blue & Fluoro Pink

They pose in next to the Thela Medium Royal Blue Nubuck.





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