Inside Melissa's World

Out and about between London and Italy, Melissa Del Bono Creative Director and Founder of meli melo shares with us her favourite places to hang out with friends, kick off the day with a nice breakfast or meet Press and Fashion Bloggers.

Discover what Leather Handbags she takes out with her and where she enjoys taking her latte in Notting Hill!

Monday 9AM Pizza East Notting Hill - A latte with a Thela Mini Tan is just what sets you up for the day!

Thela Mini Tan meli melo
Thela Mini Tan Bag

Thela Mini Tan Cross-Body Bag

Tuesday 10AM Pizza East Notting Hill - Breakfast time with Poppy Jamie!

Wednesday 9:30AM Nopi Restaurant By Ottolenghi - Breakfast with Harper's Bazaar to kickstart our morning!

Thela Cheetah Tote Bag
Thela Cheetah Tote Bag meli melo
Thela Cheetah Tote Bag

Thursday 4:30PM Pasticceria Cova - When in Milan for Fashion Week, this is what tea looks like here, the place for any cake addict!

Friday 1:30PM Pizza East Notting Hill - Lunch refuel with the uber cool Jessi Bush, Blogger of We The People

Tallulah Yellow Sun


 Melissa Del Bono Creative Director & Founder


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