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Chapter 4: Thela Bag VS Halo Bag

When choosing your Christmas present, you may want some help to choose the right bag for you?

To the untrained fashion eye they may think they look alike, however as always they have missed the key attention to detail which occurs during manufacturing process.
The key difference is the significant detailing that goes into creating the 'halo' effect around the flap strap. When combined with the more chunky rolled handles it makes it a more luxurious structured handbag.
The size, the colour and the leather remain exactly the same as on the Thela Bag, but the quality and attention to detail is significantly higher on the Halo. As a result, the Halo requires more attention and skilled work by our Italian artisans, meaning the price is slightly higher.
A Thela large starts at £530 whereas a Halo starts at £620, and they are also available in the Medium size and the Mini

Which one do you prefer? 


                                                                   Discover all the Thela handbags here or click here for the Halo collection                                                              
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