dote on your tote - day 3

Beautifully crafted from Italian buttery soft leather, this smaller version of the iconic Thela Tan is chic, practical and understated. This versatile tote bag is the perfect accessory for everyday Spring style and at meli melo we believe that Classic is always a winner! 

"Dote on your Tote"
Hannah E-commerce Manager tells us why her tote is worth doting over:  

What's your best memory with this tote?
A picnic on Hampstead Heath in the sunshine a few weeks ago, the perfect weekend bag! 

How does your tote reflect your personal style / personality?
It's classic with a twist like my style.

What's your favourite way to carry it?
I like to tuck in the corners and carry it on my forearm, the medium size is perfect for when I'm running around town.














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