Inside Melissa's world

 As we have just sprung into Spring, Melissa Del Bono, Creative Director is doting over her

favourite tote and giving us a sneak peak at new season shades.


 Electric Blue is adding a splash of colour to my wardrobe this season. In this look the Thela My Electric Blue matches my polarized sunglasses

and the combination of red and blue creates a vibrant effect!



 How to wear the Thela this Spring?

There are 5 ways to wear a Thela but at the moment the way that

I can’t stop carrying mine is as a Clutch.

During London Fashion Week there were a few girls ahead of the game

“clutching their totes” in that great non casual way…

"Clutching my tote" seems to have stuck with me since February and suits my spring wardrobe!

Along with Spring time inspiration. 

Could you give us a sneak peak at new season colours? 

The tropic exotic new colours that have just dropped are so bright

and happy that they transport me back to holiday times…

The Lavender tote is definitely a trigger for South of France holiday memories.

Whilst the Bubble Gum pink reminds me of all the fuscia hibiscus flowers you get on the white isle of Ibiza.

As for the Mandarin, it has to be all about the citrus fruits that you see when you land in the Aeolian Islands, in Sicily. All zingy and fresh!



Any exhibitions that you plan on attending?

Being Italian I can't wait to see the Victoria & Albert Museum's latest exhibition The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945-2014.

It will be so inspiring to see the great Italian masters designs up close and in reality. 
An injection of Italian style is exactly what London needs.






Founder & Creative Director



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