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Quintessential Cannes: Timeless Fashion

An idyllic blend of Hollywood glamour and French nonchalance, Cannes Film Festival sees some of the finest red carpet fashion.

Over the years, an array of the world’s leading stars, from Olivia Palermo to Kate Bosworth, have attended the invite-only event, adorning admirably opulent ensembles.

However, for many, the most significant style to ever grace the French Riviera came in the form of Jane Birkin and her staple wicker basket.


Merging embellished indulgence with a hint of ordinariness, Jane’s two achingly cool appearances have remained unforgettable.

Casually slung across her arm, Jane’s favourite straw tote made a spectacular fashion statement.


Our Woven Leather Handbags possess the same alluring nature as Jane's interlaced bag and rediscover Creative Director Melissa Del Bono’s rich Italian heritage.

Memorable yet understated, the entwined elements, enhancing a selection of our signature styles, deliver a modern take on the traditional Sicilian wicker basket.


Crafted by Florentine artisans, each subtle weave is delicately printed onto soft leather, sourced from renowned Italian tanneries.

As with Jane's basket, which accompanied her to strolls in the park and black tie dinners, our Woven Leather Handbags are designed to go along with all your adventures.


Reimagine the sophisticated flair of the Cannes Film Festival with our Woven Leather Handbags.

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