New Years Eve Traditions

It's time to say goodbye to 2013 and welcome the New Year.
We hope you have your party shoes and Handbag ready for a night of celebration. 
As Christmas is such a traditional time of year we wondered if you had any New Years Eve traditions? 
Here's what the meli melo team have suggested. 


  1. If you place a silver coin outside on New Years Eve and bring it back inside after midnight it is said you will be very wealthy for the year ahead!
  2. In Spain it is traditional to put a grape in your mouth every time the clock chimes at midnight! 
  3. Wearing red underwear in Italy on New Year's Eve will bring the wearer buona fortuna, good luck ! And eating Zuppa di lenticchie con cotechino, a dish containing lentils is believed to bring you lots of money in the new year. The reason being that the lentils look like piles of coins. 
  4. In Japan it is tradition to eat Soba noodles on the New Years Eve so that your life will be a long one like the noodles.
  5. One of the biggest traditions globally are fireworks and we love seeing the London skyline lit up on NYE with the bright colours.  
Images via Pinterest

We love hearing the different and traditions from around the world. 

Wherever you are celebrating the New Year we hope you have a fabulous night!

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