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Art Basel Miami

In 1970 three gallerists put their passion and determination behind an idea to create an art based event that would change the city of Miami. 40 years later and Art Basel is now an International Art fair that started from small beginnings over 40 years ago and has now grown to become one of the most anticipated shows on the art scene. 
Galleries from across the globe showcase a selection of modern and contemporary art works. The mixture of nationalities, mediums and the Miami location make for a spectacular weekend of creativity. We have selected some of our favourite shows for you. 


This year the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami is debuting the first American museum retrospective of acclaimed British artist Tracey Emin’s work.
Known for her extremely personal portrayal of human vulnerability and relationships, previous shows have sparked huge reactions from critics and general audience alike. Tracey’s most recent neon pieces will take centre stage. Pictured: Tracey Emin, Sorry Flowers Die, 199


Award winning director, producer and photographer Kristian Schmidt showcases his powerful Whale Shark series at this years Art Basel. Shot on location in the Philippines the work shows the amazing contrast between the majestic whale shark  and human form, whilst also raising awareness of Whale shark extinction. Breath taking work which seems unreal.

Kristian Schmidt - Whale Shark Series


Known for his paintings of the Hampton's social scene artist Eric Fischl this year has depicted scenes from previous Art Basel fairs. His colourful displays and fluid brush strokes lend themselves well to the buzzing art scenes he has painted.

We would love to be soaking up the art and sunshine in Miami this weekend, if you are lucky to be there enjoy!
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