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All hail the Piaggio Ape

We love all things Italian and our meli melo Ape proves this point.

You may have spotted it buzzing about Somerset House earlier this year at London Fashion Week.

Lots of people stopped to admire this miniature vehicle and have their photo taken, so we thought we would give you a little history on this mini Italian treasure.  

The nifty get around has been driven in Italy for decades and epitomise Italian inventiveness and style
Created in 1948 by the talented Conrandino D'Ascanio, inventor of the Vespa,
the Ape (which is Italian for bee) was an economical solution to transporting goods through the narrow streets of Italian cities.
As the Italian economy grew so did Ape numbers, becoming an iconic Italian sight! 
Its use changed over the years from moving goods to moving people from place to place,
We think you'll agree our meli melo Ape is the perfect mode of transport for any stylish fashionista.
We find it's the perfect way to pick up our coffee in the morning!
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