Melissa del Bono

Creative Director & Founder.



to meli melo, a company I started 10 years ago with the single mission to create beautifully designed, timeless and modern handbags for every woman. My love affair with the bag that inspired me to start meli melo began as a child. I would watch the women in the villages carry these beautiful wicker baskets around with them. One day I received one of my own, we were inseparable and I would find any excuse to take it out with me . All I wanted was something pretty to carry on my arm like the women I had admired.
The journey of my inspiration starts on the small island of Lipari, Sicily, where I grew up. My memories of this incredible island have never left me, and it’s here that I often find myself looking to for inspiration. Now, as a designer living in London, I’m inspired by the urban buzz and eclectic tastes of the people who live here. My designs reflect the way that real women live their lives; somewhere between dashing from one appointment to another and seeking out quieter, undiscovered sanctuaries on a secluded island beach. Yet in all places, both urban and coastal, these women have a unique sense of style and enduring confidence that inspires me to create something beautiful they will enjoy for years.
I have combined this mix of timeless Italian craftsmanship with a sense of London cool to create versatile designs with understated elegance.  
I hope you enjoy every collection.
Melissa del Bono

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