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Make your meli melo Bag & Accessories unique 


Add your initials or name to your favourite meli melo handbag or accessories. With nine coloured foils to choose from, you can make it distinctively yours. We offer up to 20 characters depending on the size of the bag or accessory.


How to create your monogrammed handbag:

Bespoke meli melo

1. Choose your meli melo handbag, backpack, clutch bag or shoulder bag to be monogrammed.

2. On the product page, select the number of characters you want to add to your bag from the dropdown options.

3. Enter your desired letters or phrase into the text box provided on the product page. You can pick up to 20 characters.

4. Add your order to your shopping cart and complete checkout.

5. meli melo will then get in touch to confirm the monogramming instructions.

6. Please allow up to two working weeks to receive your monogrammed bag.

What we do:

Hot Foil Stamping Leather

*No Snakeskin or Fur-Leather

Choose from 9 different foil embossing colours:


Gold; Silver; Black; Red; Dark Red; Grey; Sky Blue; Brown; White

Price: £50



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