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Melissa: Our Creative Director and her Notting Hill Home

Showcasing an eclectic mix of everything from the proper and traditional to the hip and edgy, Notting Hill is the mecca of creativeness that endlessly fuels Melissa’s inspiration.

‘I was influenced by the charisma in my surroundings,’ explains Creative Director Melissa del Bono on founding meli melo in the heart of Notting Hill. Stepping aside from her PR work to focus on designing handbags, Melissa launched the label in 2005 from her home.
‘Notting Hill serves as a constant inspiration,’ she says, ‘I think its unique blend of old and new, from culture through to architecture, translates beautifully into fashion. I design all of my collections here with the aim of encapsulating its energy.’
Melissa chose Notting Hill’s Portobello Road, arguably London’s most famous street, as the location for meli melo’s flagship store. ‘Portobello Road is a dynamic and exciting place, where the past never seems to be the past. It was and still is deeply fitting with my vision for the brand.’
‘When I’m not designing, I enjoy nothing more than getting lost in its unique shops and markets, deep in the masses of coats, shoes, vintage jewellery and home furnishings’.

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