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Melissa: Our Creative Director and her London Influence

Exuding a true feel of London cool, Melissa’s creations interpret the unique qualities

of the city’s characters as well as the sleek lines of its evolving skyline.

‘My mother painted London as a place of infinite possibilities,’ Creative Director Melissa del Bono says of the stories her mother would tell her as young girl. ‘A city where you can really have it all.’ 
Enthused by the sense of adventure that coats the city so naturally, Melissa left Lipari, a small island off Sicily’s north-eastern coast, and moved to her mother’s homeland to study.
‘I instantly embraced London’s diverse culture and, after receiving my Bachelor’s Degree, I was certain I wanted to live there. Creativity is celebrated in London and new generations of talent are encouraged to flourish’.
Taking inspiration from her surroundings and following her passions, Melissa stepped aside from her work in PR and began designing handbags.
‘London’s dynamism served as a prominent muse for           meli melo’s timeless yet modern aesthetic,’ she says, ‘It’s serious, serene and crazy with hidden delights. A continuous source of influence.’
A testament to London style, Melissa continues to design all meli melo pieces in the capital, encapsulating its invigorating essence through both print and texture.
‘I love how the 32 districts have their own distinct personalities yet unite with a real sense of community. I try to convey that same notion throughout my collections.’ Shop New In >

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