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Mother's Day: Melissa on Motherhood

‘Take charge of your decisions with confidence and never regret anything’ is the best piece of advice my mother has given me, and I want to share that same wisdom with my daughter.

As a mother, I plan to be very open and loving with every single part of me.

I want to make sure my daughter feels the love in my actions but also in my words.


  When my mother fell in love with my Italian father and went to live on a tiny island off the Sicilian coast, my grandmother knew that there was no point in telling her not to do it.

I have the most wonderful memories of my mother creating these beautiful wicker hampers and driving us up to Lipari’s unspoilt poppy fields in her Fiat 500.

We would cram about seven of us in her tiny car, all with our legs sticking out, and go and eat lemons with salt off the trees.

We’d pick figs and radishes and devour them with the special Italian sandwiches bundled in our hamper.


 I love how instantly capturing my mother is.

When she walks into a room, she has an aura about her that captivates adults and children.

Ultimately, I want to give my daughter the same confidence to pursue her dreams that my mother gave me.


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