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Where in the world does your meli melo bag end up? Whether you have a Thela or a Halo, we'd love you to share the impressive views you and your bag experience together through their distinctive handles. Find out how you can join in with global story. 


Since their launch, our signature styles, the Thela Tote Bag and the Halo Handbag have traveled all over the world in the hands of some of the world's most stylish women. From Tokyo to Sao Paulo, New York to Amsterdam, meli melo bags have visited some of the most culturally rich cities, iconic landmarks and beautiful landscapes. 

We'd love you to capture the moment and share your pictures of the world as you see it through the loops of your meli melo bag's distinctive handles. 

Upload your image to Instagram using the hash tags #ViewThroughMymelimelo and #melimelobags so that we can find it. You might find your image taking pride of place on our Facebook page, and possibly even being featured on our website!

Don't forget to follow us, too @melimelobags.

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