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Valentine's Day Luxury Gifts

Discover our selection of gifts for her to spoil your loved one on Valentines Day. Add a special touch to it and have personalised gifts for the occasion.

Makes you blush…
 Halo Mini Blush | meli melo Halo Mini Dusty Pink Bag | meli meloThela Medium Blush | meli melo

Can’t stop blushing,? Wear the colour of now and show your bashful side this Valentines…


The Siren...
Halo Mini Cheetah | meli meloBackpack Black at meli melo
Backpack Mini Black | meli meloBackpack Cheetah | meli melo

Channel your inner Siren with the print that never goes our of fashion…Add a splash of black for classic, stylish, siren sleek.

That Fuzzy Feeling...
 Thela Mini Grey Ponyskin and Shearling | meli melo Backpack Mini Dusty Pink Shearling | meli meloThela Grey Ponyskin & Shearling | meli melo

Dusty Pink Mongolian Shearling is as luxurious as it is fun. That fluffy, dizzy feeling you get on Valentines….this is it. In a bag…


Last-minute gifts for her? It is not too late for her perfect present. Let her choose by offering her a gift card

meli melo Gift Card online

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