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Chapter 3: Our store

Happy Birthday!

meli melo London flagship store is celebrating its first year anniversary!
Situated in London's iconic Notting Hill the store encompasses all that is meli melo.
As you'd imagine the store itself is elegant, stylish and unique just like the handbags it houses.
Each fixture and fitting has been carefully selected from beautifully hand crafted marble shelves to especially imported light fittings
creating a unique shopping experience.
Come visit, we're open Monday to Friday 9:30AM to 6PM & Saturday 10AM to 6PM.
324 Portobello Road, W10 5RU
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With a wall of Thela handbags, limited edition pieces and the perfect party clutches the store offers an exciting glimpse into the world of meli melo.
A unique Shopping Experience...
Enter the shop to the fresh scent of flowers & fragrances.
Come for tea and discover the meli melo Handbags & Accessories featured in the Press.
Let us help you find your dream bag with our Fortune Teller: Compact + Chic, Casual + Relaxed, You like detail or On the go?

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