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Chapter 2: Our Heritage


Melissa Del Bono, Creative Director & Founder spent her childhood growing up on the idyllic Italian Aeolian island and her inspiration for the iconic Thela tote bag stems from here.
The island's traditional wicker baskets are what inspired the Designer, she recalls as a young girl how she would carry her handmade basket where ever she went:

‘It was a huge wicker basket and I took it everywhere! We were inseparable! I would find any excuse to take it out with me. I just wanted something pretty to carry on my arm like the ladies in the villages did.’ Melissa on the inspiration behind the Thela.

When Thela rhymes with Dolce Vita...

Where it all began: The basket was the inspiration behind the Thela Handbags.

In 1947 the inventor of the Vespa built a light three-wheeled vehicle to power Italy's economical reconstruction. meli melo brought the first true Italian Piaggio Ape to Notting Hill. From Italy to London our Handbags travel in style. Spot him if you can! 

Ready for take off, Melissa Del Bono flies to Italy to meet with the factories. With her, she carries her perfect travel companion the Halo Royal Blue Nubuck.
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