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Made In Italy


As a native Italian, Melissa Del Bono the Founder and Creative Director believes only the Italian factories have the passion and skill to manufacture our beautiful bags. As a result, meli melo has recently moved the majority of production to "Made In Italy." Our two new factories are based in Florence, Italy. 

The company goes to great lengths sourcing the best tanneries to supply fine Italian leathers in the most vibrant colours and interesting textures. Leathers are carefully selected to complement each design. Calf is a buttery soft leather used in classic Thela forms and across the meli melo range. For a more structured form Saffiano leather is an ideal skin, as seen on the Thela Black Lux. Whilst Nubuck is a soft suede feel leather that allows for soft and slouchy silhouettes such as the Thela Multi Lux Green & Cheetah Suede.

Once the most suitable leathers have been chosen for the design, and hardware approved the manufacturing process can begin. meli melo strongly believes in using only the highest quality materials in manufacturing its luxury products.  

The secrets behind the iconic Thela...

meli melo designs are brought to life by the hands of highly skilled craftsmen, cutting only the best part of the leather skins.


Every product is made with the love and care of the skilled Italian artisans who carefully stitch each bag to withstand the daily rigours of its fashion life. 

It takes 4 to 6 weeks for a Thela Handbag to come to life.





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