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Avenue 32 : Bags of Style

Our friends at Avenue 32 recently paid our Portobello store a visit, taking some cool shots of our new season handbags. 
Whilst there they also had a chat with our Creative Director, Melissa Del Bono on what inspires her and what lies ahead for meli melo. 
Here's what Melissa had to say...

On what inspires her:

"I like to look back to the past for inspiration and then mix it with new, modern materials and designs that appeal to the modern day woman. It keeps things fresh."


On how she came up with the iconic Thela shape:

"The idea came from the baskets that the women carried on my Island (the Aeolian Island, Panarea). As I grew up I decided that I wanted to re-invent this basket into something sophisticated and chic."


Which meli melo bag she would be :

"The Thela. It’s elegant and chic but you can change it up and wear it 5 ways – it’s never boring, never the same."


See the full interview here on Avenue 32 : Full Article


Images via Avenue 32

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