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Fluoro Flare

 Bright and bold neon is on our radar once again in the form of out Fluoro Thelas! Neon has always been a favourite with fashionistas and now the classic leather Thela Tote has been neon-ed! 
 (Images via Pinterest)
 Think 90's neon rave mixed with classics luxurious leather and you'll get the picture.
Retro is back with a bang and were happy to add this bright and bold number to our collection.
meli melo's Thela Taupe tote has been given a dazzling make over with pops of Fluorescent yellow, whilst the popular Classic Thela Tan has flashes of Fluorescent coral.
 The new collection of neon Thela totes take the otherwise understated Thela handbag to new and fresh territory, twisting the classic Thela  Taupe & Tan into an on trend fashion piece with a burst of colour. 
An online exclusive make sure you pick yours out today. 
We're finding it hard to chose
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Classic with a new age twist! We love how this Thela Tan's fluoro pops match our swimwear...making us think of summer holidays.


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