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A bag for every destination - 2


The Istanbul Fashion scene is a reflection of the city's vibrant youthfulness. Besides being the top 1 world's destination standing across two continents Europe & Asia, the city has a lot to offer. Walking around with your mini Thela Taupe, you'll be making a bold statement!



The Chinese capital is a rising destination for international luxury labels, where art, architecture and fashion are booming. Take an exotic trip to discover the beauty of the city, not to forget to carry your essentials with the perfect size Medium Thela Tan


If you feel more like an adventurer, jump in a plane and be amazed by what San Francisco has to offer. Walk along the golden Gate Bridge or take a ride, the mini backpack black will not let you down!



Florence rhymes with romance. What about a perfect dinner with your Prince Charming, some exquisite Italian cuisine and the Medium Halo Dusty Pink to make things even sweeter!


Images courtesy of Pinterest

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