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Save the date! May 15-18 2014 Hong Kong is honoured to receive the newest Art Basel show. Considered as the modern and contemporary art world's premier platform, it brings together artists, gallerists, collectors and visitors from all around the world. Sited on three continents, Art Basel is the only art show with such a global influence. Ideal getaway between the East and West, Hong Kong is one of the world's dynamic international capitals. 

What to expect: 

This year seems to be very interesting as several large-scale art works will be interactive. Visitors will be able to fold and unfold 'Cube 48 Orange,' the giant accordion-like sculpture by the Argentinian Marta Chilindron, or play ping-pong on a doughnut-shaped table from Singaporean artist Lee Wen's 'Ping Pong Go-Round.' 

'Cube 48 Orange' Marta Chilindron

What to wear:

The fashion world will have an 'Art-Attack'! Inspired from the artist Jackson Pollock and perfect shade for this summer, you will stand out from the crowd with the Thela Prep Spex Flamingo Splatter


Make sure you have a piece of this seasons must have metallic trend with the Daily Cosmic Blush clutch. A combination of vibrant rose metallic leather and soft mongolian fur its the perfect standout clutch. Leave unclasped for a contrasting metallic leather and fur, front and back or "roll it up" for a mix of both.

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