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Craftsmanship: The Thela Family

meli melo without the iconic Thela handbag is like a Summer without sun!

Inspired by Melissa's husband's grandmother's name, the Thela has always been family-oriented and meant to be passed down through generations. "Never forgetting your roots" is the message of meli melo's handbags. Crafted from buttery-soft Italian leather, the Thela handbags are the perfect ultra-stylish companions to any occasion or season. They share the same trapeze shape, inverted handles and shoulder strap, however they each have slight differences.
The Architectural Flamingo shows off its rubber base, the Lavender blue remains Classic yet contemporary while the medium Bubblegum pink is smaller size.  Over the years, some new colours and designs have been added to the family but the Thela aesthetic is the same.  With 5 different ways to carry it, the Thela is practically chic and ultimately unique in its inventive design.
Made to last a lifetime we will carry ours stylishly through life.

Find yours now at www.melimelo.com  and Tote-it like it's the first and your last!
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