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Dote on your tote - Day 4


This season, the Medium Thela Halo Mauve is the perfect pastel tote bag with a contrasting minty interior.  The Italian leather is so squidgy and soft that you will squeeze it like a baby! 

"Dote on your Tote" 

Melissa Creative Director tells us all about doting over her tote: 

What inspired you to design the Medium Thela Halo Mauve?
The Halo has a little “angelic” halo around it, as a special aura. It has a more structured shape in the handles and the colour is so chic! It's just the right shade of not pink not purple but “mauve”: subtle and fresh for this Spring.

How does your tote reflect your personal style / personality?
It is ladylike and timeless.. I think fashion shouldn’t be restricted by one season. I like to invest in something that is trans-seasonal and current yet looks fresh for years to come.

What's your favourite way to carry it?
I like toting it as a Clutch or on my forearm with the inverted handle. Then, the bag flows with your body and it doesn’t feel like an external agent, it's all one with you! 



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