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Melissa on Monogramming

Growing up surrounded by delicate Italian paintings, I have appreciated art since I was a young girl.

I think my passion for artistry is where my infatuation with personalisation originally stemmed from; I was equally as drawn to the bottom right-hand corners, where the artist’s initials could be found, as I was the fine paintwork.


I have always loved customising my clothing, whether it be a bomber jacket or my favourite handbag, there’s just something so timeless about monogramming.

As well as adding an exclusive touch, I find it can transform even the most basic of items into noteworthy pieces.

Personalisation gives us more control over our style decisions and allows us to set ourselves apart from the fashion pack, even if only slightly.

I love how, by adding just three simple letters to a pair of Stan Smiths, arguably the most popular shoes over the past few years, I’m able to reflect my own unique sense of style.


One of my early creations, the tasselled Bon Bon bag, incorporated my adoration for personalisation; crafted with confident gold stitching, the design made a bold and tailored statement.

Luxuriously stamped using our bespoke Monogramming service, many of my other meli melo accessories are enhanced with elements of individuality.


The personalised cushions in my home are one of my favourite furnishings; they are adorned with my middle name, Rose, which was also my grandmother’s, and is the middle name I chose for my daughter.

It’s traditional in Italy to name your children after their ancestors, which I love; I think it’s wonderful for children to grow up wondering what their ascendants were like and who their second initial represents.


I adore the idea of receiving vintage pieces of jewellery with initials engraved; I think they form a wonderful keepsake and they’re the perfect way to show that you care.

As well as my playful bracelets, I also have a selection of personalised gold necklaces, which I plan to pass down to my daughter.


Clementina, my daughter, also takes great delight in monogramming her possessions and we devote many weekend afternoons to customising our clothes.

For her recent birthday, Clementina celebrated with her friends by making one-of-a-kind t-shirts and also gave a thoughtful touch to her guests’ goody bags.


For me, personalisation is a special way to honour a legacy, future or bond and is a means of showcasing your pride in your style.

Featuring luxurious Italian leather and contrasting capital letters, I designed meli melo’s limited edition line of Personalised Tags to capture monogramming’s fun and sophisticated qualities.

Complementing the signature Rosalia, I think they form idyllic specially-made gifts.

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