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Melissa on Audrey

Synonymous with 20th century Hollywood glamour, Audrey Hepburn remains one of the most celebrated icons in the world.

Although, like many others, I have always adored her unforgettable beauty and mesmerising film appearances, my admiration for her goes much deeper than that.


  I’m continuously inspired by how Audrey pursued her passions, never compromising herself, despite suffering such extreme beginnings.

Influenced by her incredible work ethic and effortless style, I wanted to create a handbag that advocates everything Audrey represents.


My aspiration for the Santina was to present a fresh take on Audrey’s favourite accessory, her beloved wicker basket, and convey her timeless charm.

As most of Audrey’s style choices were based on simplicity and practicality, I also used that as inspiration when designing the woven staple.


Touching on her slightly reserved nature and unthreatening sophistication, I opted to print subtle weaves onto fine Italian leather.

I find Audrey’s humility and dedicated efforts as a UNICEF ambassador so moving, therefore it was important to me to capture a sense of modesty through the Santina.

  For me, the Santina curates her understated femininity and, although the handbag is contemporary, I think it makes you feel nostalgic of a much more elegant and innocent time.

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