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About meli melo

Today meli melo designs, develops and produces luxury leather handbags for premium retailers and customers worldwide. .

meli melo is a luxury handbag brand,
founded in 2005 by Melissa Del Bono
Named after Creative Director and Founder Melissa Del Bono, meli was the nickname given to her by friends and family that led to meli melo becoming the brands personality. In 2005, after her first bag was featured in Vogue, Melissa followed her passion and launched her business, meli melo.

As a premium brand “Made in Italy”, meli melo represents aspirational Luxury, whilst a strong Italian Heritage exists in the origins of both brand and the lifestyle. Growing up on the idyllic Aeolian Island of Lipari, Melissa was inspired by the large wicker baskets that the women would carry around the villages, and envisioned a design that would change the way women carry their bags.

“I do not solely focus on trends; instead I create timeless luxury totes that I would personally like to wear, and what I envisage women wanting to wear.” Melissa Del Bono 

meli melo handbag is always unique design and stylish with subtle, understated branding. The foundations of the meli melo label are based on the philosophy of creating a
collection that is relaxed and sophisticated, versatile in its use.
Melissa’s design philosophy focuses on distinctive, timeless shapes, whilst every bag is versatile, allowing you to wear her signature Thela bag 5 different ways. The label is devoted to creating timeless elegance with a mix of British cool.

Embracing the finest Italian craftsmanship and leathers, a meli melo handbag is made to last a lifetime, to be passed down through generations.